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There are several areas of child dentistry that can lead to anxiety for children, and braces for kids represents one of the primary areas here. At Bluffton Orthodontics, our orthodontists are well trained in practices that can help keep your child comfortable and without stress before receiving braces.

As a parent, you can also be of great help here. Here are a few simple tips we generally offer to involve your child in the conversation and help prepare them for receiving braces.


Whether or not your orthodontist is present, discuss your child’s treatment options with them beforehand. In many cases, they will have multiple braces options, or perhaps even other alternatives. Giving your child a voice in this conversation will help give them ownership over it, something you can remind them of down the line.

Positive Expectations

Explain to your child why braces are important for them – this understanding will help them during periods of anxiety or sadness about the appearance of their mouth. Also remind them that the actual procedure for having braces attached to the teeth is easy and won’t hurt at all. From here, ask your child if they have any questions, and discuss reasonable expectations, Include a significant look toward how much this will help them down the line.

Soft Foods

Prepare your child for the reality that they’ll have to tweak their diet a tad in the first few days after getting braces. This can be fun, though – let them choose soft foods to stock up on, and allow them rewards like ice cream that can be eaten without damaging braces.

Dental Wax

Another preparation item to get your child ready for is dental wax, or orthodontic wax. This is a basic cream you apply with your fingers to help brackets stop from rubbing onto teeth. If children are at the right age, you can involve them in this process and allow them to apply their own wax.

Want to learn more about preparing your child for braces, or any of our other orthodontic services? Speak to the friendly staff at Bluffton Orthodontics today.

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