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While traditional metal braces effectively align teeth, they are not for everyone. People don’t realize the many benefits of clear aligners. There are several common drawbacks to traditional metal braces that make people eager for alternatives:


Clear Aligners Instead of Traditional Braces

A clear aligner is a piece of clear plastic fitted to your teeth exactly. Unlike traditional braces, which are permanently attached to the surfaces of teeth, clear aligners can be taken off at any time, like to eat, drink, or brush your teeth. They work by making subtle changes to your teeth over time. Each aligner is shaped a little differently to your teeth on a plan that goes from the current state of your teeth to the final state. The aligner you wear changes every couple of weeks, producing a slow and steady change in your teeth until they reach the final state. 

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Many of the most significant advantages of clear aligners are that they negate traditional braces’ disadvantages. 

Can Anyone get Clear Aligners Instead of Braces?

Unfortunately, aligners cannot address every orthodontic issue. Some issues like severe overcrowding, underbites, and overbites require more comprehensive treatment to be effective. However, there is nothing wrong with exploring aligners to see if you are a candidate, especially if you are eager to avoid some of the drawbacks of traditional braces. 


If you are looking for clear aligners in Bluffton, SC, come to Bluffton Orthodontics. We can talk with you and perform an examination to help you know whether or not you are a good candidate for aligners. We have seen every kind of situation and know when clear aligners can be successful. Reach out to us and schedule an appointment to learn more about the many benefits of clear aligners.

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