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Metal Braces

Is there something about your smile you’d like to change? We can help you do it. Traditional metal braces in Bluffton, SC, are still the go-to solution for most cases of misaligned and crooked teeth. These braces straighten teeth using an archwire and metal brackets made from high-grade stainless steel. 

Metal braces Bluffton Orthodontics dentist in Bluffton, South Carolina Dr. Robert Garrison

Traditional Treatment That’s More Comfortable Than Ever Before

Today’s metal braces are smaller, sleeker, and more stylish than yesterday’s. And did you know that you can customize the colors of your braces? With metal braces, you can alternate the rubber band colors. This option is popular among teens, who customize the braces with their favorite colors or represent their favorite sports team. 

Metal braces are the most visible braces, and some people feel self-conscious about wearing them. However, metal braces are more durable than other braces, and they tend to be less expensive.

What can Metal Braces Correct?

They can correct various problems that result from crooked or misaligned teeth. These issues include:




-Gaps between the teeth


Correcting your tooth alignment can even help with speech impediments.

How do I get Metal Braces Installed?

The procedure for getting them usually starts with an appointment with Dr. Robert Garrison to have an initial consultation. We may take x-rays and a mold of your teeth during the consultation. 

If you decide to go with our recommendation for braces, the next step is to have the braces fitted. We cement brackets to the teeth and thread the wires through them. 

The brackets use tiny rubber bands called “ligatures” to attach the archwires. This reliable combination of wires and brackets exerts gentle pressure over your teeth, guiding them to the intended positions.

How Long do Braces Take?

Metal braces usually need to be worn for one to three years. In some cases, we recommend wearing a retainer after the braces treatment. Each person has a unique set of teeth with unique needs, so the time it takes can vary depending on your individual dental goals.  

How Much Do Metal Braces Cost?

The cost can vary depending on your dental goals and the type of braces. We will estimate the cost in advance to help you decide if braces are right for you or your child. We also pride ourselves on providing affordable dental care at competitive rates. And we have affordable payment options, and we work with most insurance plans. 

Braces Care and Maintenance

Our dedicated team will ensure the highest level of care, including instructions on what you can – and cannot eat – and regular brushing and flossing for good oral health. 

You should expect to receive quarterly, or in some cases, monthly, adjustments. This is done at our dental office in Bluffton and is quick and easy. 

After each adjustment, it is normal to experience some aching and soreness with your teeth. In some cases, the brackets may cause slight irritation to your gums. However, this is quickly remedied with the application of wax.

Trust Our Experienced Team for Metal Braces in Bluffton, SC

Metal braces are still the best way to fix misaligned teeth. Experience our 5-star-rated orthodontic care. We will help you find the perfect solution for improving your teeth.

Schedule your complimentary Bluffton Orthodontics New Patient Consultation today by calling 843-815-2521 or using our convenient online form. We will be proud to give you a tour of our state-of-the-art orthodontic office during your consultation.

At Bluffton Orthodontics, you will quickly discover that we offer high-quality orthodontic treatment to all our patients – and we do it with a smile.

As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Bluffton, SC, our doctor and team at Bluffton Orthodontics also provide 5-star orthodontic care to patients from Hilton Head Island, Beaufort & Hardeeville, SC, and surrounding areas.
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