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If your child is a good candidate for aligner therapy — and not everyone is — then having them enter into the braces phase of their life a little less reluctantly can make a big difference in their overall attitude and compliance during treatment and with retainers.

Simply put, clear aligners do the trick. They straighten teeth by using a series of thin, clear acrylic plates to slowly move teeth into place. And they are more comfortable than traditional metal braces; more specifically, they don’t cause that inner-lip soreness you might remember from back in the day.

They’re also easier to keep clean, which means there’s a reduced chance of getting a cavity from bacteria trapped in a bracket (and fewer opportunities for your teen’s “whole entire life to be ruined forever and ever” by an errant piece of lunch making an encore performance during a hilarious moment in afternoon study hall).

Clear aligners are a fantastic choice for all ages, but they are particularly great for teens who want to maintain a braces-free look while getting braces-like results.

Here at Bluffton Orthodontics, we offer a brand of clear aligners called clear aligners. We chose this brand because of its affordability, its ease in use and, a bonus, they’re made in the USA.

Learn more about clear aligners, by clicking here. Or book a free consultation for your teen at our office on Buckwalter Parkway by calling 843-815-2521.

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