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At Bluffton Orthodontics, we know that wearing braces can be considered a major blocker to certain social and comfort elements for many people. Both for child and adult braces, some people choose to smile less or feel like they have to separate themselves from social interactions while they’re wearing these products.

Not only do we provide modern options like ceramic braces that can often come off sooner than traditional ones, we’re also here to give you or your child some of the right tactics to help ensure that braces remain in the mouth for the shortest possible period. Here are some tips.

Food Intake

Most of the same foods are okay once someone begins wearing braces, but there are a few important exceptions. For starters, consider certain foods that you might want to cut up before you or your child eats them – foods like corn, apples or other fruits, for instance. If these are eaten whole, they might bend the wires of traditional braces.

In addition, there are a few foods to avoid, mostly the kinds that are crunchy and might break or bend the braces. Generally look to avoid things like popcorn, ice, corn and kettle chips, as well as chewier foods like taffy, caramel or gum that might catch on braces and displace them. If you are wondering about a specific borderline item, speak to your dentist.

Dental Hygiene

Both brushing and flossing regularly are vital to ensuring braces stay on as short as possible. Braces involve new areas that need to be reached by the toothbrush and floss, and if this isn’t done diligently, these areas can trap food particles that turn into bacteria and cause issues. Try to brush and floss after as many meals as you can, and encourage your children with braces to do the same.

Removable Braces

Part of the reason removable braces are so popular is their ability to avoid some of the issues we’ve discussed. You don’t have to worry nearly as much about things like food catching in the braces, and you can clean them separately and with much better angles. Speak to your dentist about if one of these styles might be right for you or your child.

To learn more about tactics to get braces off more quickly, or to find out about any of our other services, speak to the experts at Bluffton Orthodontics today.

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