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Every so often a dangerous “trend” will circulate online that makes you think “People actually thought that was a good idea?”

Take Do It Yourself braces — yes, you read that right.

A few years ago, a video surfaced of a young woman instructing viewers to use small rubber bands to coax crooked or gapped teeth into place without the aid of a trained orthodontist or availability of a trained orthodontist’s vital equipment.

Using rubber bands to make homemade braces is the equivalent of setting a broken arm with water, flour and strips of newspaper and then waiting for it to dry like a pinata.

With DIY braces, you not only run the risk of making your teeth more crooked, you could affect the alignment of your bite.

Here are some of the problems that await those who feel like the DIY option is a legitimate one for them: headaches, loosened teeth, jaw pain, swallowed rubber bands, rubber bands embedded in the gums, wear and tear to gums, wear and tear to tooth enamel, infection … the list goes on (to scare yourself straight, Google image search “DIY braces”).

At Bluffton Orthodontics we strongly discourage anyone from trying DIY braces for all of the reasons listed above.

For anyone considering DIY braces for cosmetic reasons, know that there are safe options, such as clear braces or clear aligners, that will straighten your teeth and fix your bite without making matters worse.

To find out more about payment options or for more information on alternatives to metal braces, schedule a free consultation with Bluffton Orthodontics, where we have state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained doctors, by calling 843-815-2521.

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