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Are you looking for a way to straighten your teeth without the traditional wire braces? Several alternative options can help you obtain a beautiful smile full of healthy, functional teeth. Every patient has unique orthodontic needs, so we offer different treatments. In this blog post, we will discuss some of our alternatives to braces in Bluffton, South Carolina, and their benefits to help you decide which option is right.

Why Some Don’t Like Metal Braces

If you’ve ever had metal braces or know someone who has, you may understand why some prefer an alternative. For some, their dislike of metal braces goes beyond just appearances. For starters, metal braces are uncomfortable for some and can irritate the gums and mouth. Additionally, eating certain foods can be challenging.. 

The maintenance and upkeep of metal braces can also be time-consuming and inconvenient, requiring frequent adjustments and visits to the orthodontist. While metal braces can be effective in straightening teeth, it’s understandable why many people may opt for alternatives such as clear aligners.

Clear Aligners: Our clear aligners in Bluffton, South Carolina, have become popular for orthodontic patients who want a discreet treatment option. These clear aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth and gradually shift them into the desired position. One of the most significant benefits of clear aligners is that they are removable, allowing you to eat your favorite foods and brush and floss your teeth easily. Plus, they are virtually invisible, so no one has to know you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

If you’re interested in clear aligners, first, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Garrison to discuss your goals for treatment. Then, we’ll take a 3D digital scan of your teeth to create your custom aligners. Once your aligners are ready, we’ll schedule an appointment for you to receive them and show you how to use them. 

You’ll wear each set of aligners for two weeks and attend regular check-ups to monitor your progress. With clear aligners from Bluffton Orthodontics, you’ll have a comfortable, virtually invisible solution to achieve the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces work like traditional metal braces but are made of tooth-colored or transparent materials, making them less noticeable. These clear braces blend in with your teeth and are an excellent option for those who want a more discreet orthodontic option than metal braces. Clear ceramic braces are also perfect for patients with complex orthodontic issues that some treatments, such as clear aligners, may be unable to address.

Gold Braces: Gold braces also work like traditional metal braces. But if you want to make a statement, gold braces might just be the ticket. These shiny, glistening accessories are an increasingly popular choice among individuals looking to upgrade their orthodontic game. They look great, and gold braces are solid and durable, meaning they’ll hold up to the rigors of everyday life. They offer a level of customization that traditional braces can’t match, allowing you to express your personal style and preferences through your smile. So, if you want to make a bold statement with your braces, consider going for the gold.

Alternatives to Braces in Bluffton

At Bluffton Orthodontics, we offer different types of alternatives to braces to ensure that you receive the best possible orthodontic treatment. The orthodontic treatment that works for one patient may not work for another. That’s why our orthodontist team will work with you to determine the best option for your orthodontic needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about your orthodontic options and start your journey to a beautiful and healthy smile. You can also request a free appointment online. Dr. Bob Garrison and his team look forward to hearing from you!


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