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Dr. Bob Garrison is passionate about helping his patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles with perfectly aligned teeth. Orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth – it’s about improving oral health and boosting confidence. That’s why the staff at Bluffton Orthodontics takes the time to get to know each patient, understand their unique needs, and develop a personalized treatment plan. Many options, from traditional metal braces to clear aligners, are available to achieve a healthy and stunning smile in Beaufort, SC. 

So if you’re ready to take the first step towards a brighter future, come see us and let’s work together to transform your smile! We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you bring out the best in your smile!


How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Are you dreaming of a perfect smile? Misaligned teeth can not only cause insecurities but also lead to dental problems. You’ve probably heard of clear aligners if you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are a popular alternative to traditional braces, as they are virtually invisible and offer a more comfortable experience. At Bluffton Orthodontics, we offer clear aligners as one of our orthodontic treatment options.

Clear aligners are custom-made trays made of clear, BPA-free plastic. They fit over your teeth and gradually shift them into proper alignment. Each set of aligners is designed to move specific teeth in a particular direction, and you will wear them for one to two weeks before switching to a new set. This process continues until your teeth have reached their final position. Depending on your specific treatment plan, you may require between 20-30 sets of aligners.

Clear aligners are an excellent option for adults and teens with mild-to-moderate orthodontic issues. They are not suitable for everyone, though. For example, people with severe crowding or malocclusion may require more significant corrective measures. The best way to determine if clear aligners are right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Garrison, our experienced orthodontist at Bluffton Orthodontics.

Clear aligners offer several benefits over traditional braces:

  1. They are practically invisible, so you won’t have to worry about the awkwardness of metal brackets and wires.
  2. Clear aligners are comfortable to wear, as they do not have any sharp edges or poking wires.
  3. Clear aligners are removable, so you can take them out while eating, brushing, flossing, and for special occasions.


How Long Does Treatment With Clear Aligners Take?

The duration of your clear aligner treatment will depend on your specific case. Generally, mild-to-moderate orthodontic issues can be corrected in 12-18 months, or less, while more severe problems may take up to 24 months. It’s essential to follow Dr. Garrison’s instructions and wear your aligners as prescribed to ensure the best results quickly.


Are Clear Aligners More Expensive Than Braces?

The cost of clear aligners varies based on the complexity of the treatment and the number of sets of aligners required. In general, clear aligners are comparable in cost to traditional braces. 

At Bluffton Orthodontics, we understand that orthodontic treatment is an investment in your future, and we offer a range of payment options to help make your treatment affordable. We also accept most insurance plans. 


Beaufort Clear Aligners

At Bluffton Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile. If you’re interested in clear aligners or any other orthodontic treatment, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Garrison

We aim to make the orthodontic process as comfortable and convenient as possible. With clear aligners, you can achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted without sacrificing your confidence during treatment. Reach out to us today – we can’t wait to show you how these innovative appliances can transform your smile.