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At Bluffton Orthodontics in Bluffton, South Carolina, we offer several options to help straighten your smile, from traditional braces to clear aligners. Wearing braces is a significant step towards achieving a healthy, beautiful smile, but it also means committing to a diligent care routine. Caring for braces can seem daunting for many dental patients, with many new routines and practices involved. However, it is imperative to understand that the effort invested in braces care is directly proportional to the quality of results you can expect. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the essential daily routines, joint problems, and their solutions, and long-term maintenance techniques every brace-wearer should know.


The Crucial Role of Braces Care

Getting braces is a milestone in your dental health, as these specialized instruments work to align your teeth and jaws, often over several months or years. The ultimate goal is a functional bite and a winning smile, achievements that hinge on the daily care you provide your braces with. Neglecting proper care can lead to complications, prolong treatment, and undermine the outcome. The following sections will arm you with the knowledge to keep your braces—and, by extension, your dental health—in stellar shape.


Daily Care Routine for Braces Wearers

Brushing with Braces

One of the most important aspects of caring for your braces is brushing. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean under and around the wires and brackets is essential, angling the bristles at a 45-degree angle to reach between the wire and the tooth surface. Spend at least two minutes brushing to ensure no food particles or plaque are left behind.




Flossing Made Easier

Flossing with braces can be tricky, but it’s equally important. Regular floss just won’t cut it—use a floss threader or special orthodontic floss to weave it between your teeth and brackets.




Dietary Considerations: What Not to Eat

Braces are delicate, and certain foods can damage them, making extra trips to Bluffton Orthodontics for repairs. Generally, avoid foods that are hard, chewy, sticky, or too tough to bite into.


A Forbidden List:


Remember, it’s not a forever ban; once your braces come off, you can enjoy these foods again.


Common Issues and Their Solutions

  1. Managing Discomfort: It’s common to feel soreness after adjusting your braces. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help, and orthodontic wax can be applied to brackets for sore spots to provide a cushion. To help relieve pain quickly, rinse your mouth with warm saltwater or enjoy soft foods for a day or two. 
  2. Dealing with Broken Brackets or Wires: Accidents, broken brackets, and wires happen. If a wire breaks or shifts out of place, use dental wax to keep it from poking the inside of your cheeks or lips, and call Bluffton Orthodontics,  immediately.
  3. Coping with Discomfort: Sometimes, braces can be bothersome or painful. The following remedies can provide comfort until you visit Bluffton Orthodontics to see Dr. Bob Garrison. You can sip a cold drink or a popsicle to relieve swollen gums. A warm washcloth or a heating pad for muscle soreness in your jaw is also a solution. 

Remember, enduring mild discomfort is part of the process, but a professional should address severe or persistent pain.


How to Care for Your Braces: Your Braces, Your Responsibility

The period you wear braces is both an investment and a learning experience in dental health. The effort you put into your braces care is worthwhile. It helps prevent issues like cavities and gum disease during treatment and paves the way for a radiant and confident smile once the braces are removed. Take charge of your braces care, keep that picture-perfect smile in mind, and make every adjustment, every discomfort, and every routine a step toward your oral health goals.


If you have questions about caring for your braces or want braces, contact our office today, and Dr. Bob Garrison and his team will be happy to help you! 

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