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While getting your child braces is primarily a medical decision — one that helps set them up for a lifetime of better health — there is another important reason to consider braces: They will ultimately improve your child’s self-esteem.

“Self-esteem” can be a squishy concept.

Some see the idea of “low self-esteem” as being nothing more than an excuse for poor behavior or lack of achievement. But the truth is, there is a solid connection between a person’s confidence in themselves and their overall success in life — whether that be defined professionally, financially or academically or whether it concerns relationships or value in any given community.

Throughout our careers, the staff at Bluffton Orthodontics have had a front-row seat to the transformations that happen for kids after they have had braces.

Here are just some of the improvements we’ve noticed in kids whose teeth we have straightened:

  1. They smile more. Smiling is not just an expression of incidental happiness and friendliness, it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. The more you smile, the better you feel and the more people will want to be around you.
  2. They become more vocal. Some kids are naturally shy, but others find that their shyness was largely caused by feeling self-conscious about their teeth. We’ve heard of kids who never spoke up in class before suddenly having the confidence to participate.
  3. They take more pride in their appearance. There’s a philosophy in housekeeping that posits if you make it a point to always have a clean and gleaming kitchen sink, you will find it easier to keep the rest of your home clean. The clean sink subtly prompts you into doing “one more thing” to make the area around it look better and it works outward from there. The same can be said about having straightened teeth. You might find that your child now actually want to have neatly combed hair and ironed clothes.
  4. They are nicer to others. Having braces can be humbling. It can also boost empathy. But mostly, the confidence gained from having straightened teeth and a more ready smile goes a long way in creating and spreading sunshine.
  5. They try new things. We can’t say enough good things about “having confidence.” We’ve seen kids take on new sports, try out for their school plays and, yes, ask that special someone to the school formal.
  6. They make new friends. A smile is the first invitation to friendship.
  7. They become more generous in spirit. An investment in self-esteem pays back compound interest. The better a kid feels about herself, the easier she finds it to praise and thank others, the more effortless it is for her to brighten someone else’s day.

The staff at Bluffton Orthodontics are so proud of our patients and the many positive changes we’ve seen come from wearing braces. We love to share their stories of success. Give us a call at 843-815-2521 to set up a free consultation (we promise we won’t gush too much).

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